Our Planet

We have defined an environmental sustainability strategy which allows us to operate in the context of Climate Change and take care of our resources through Product Lifecycle Management & Circularity, for more sustainable use and future generations.
Our Planet

Climate Change

We are committed to reducing our GHG emissions on a revenue-intensity basis by 2030 vs 2021 in our operations (Scope 1&2) and our value chain (Scope 3) by more than 40%. We are committed to achieving Net Zero by 2050.
As part of our strategy, we aim to increase the use of renewable energy in our buildings to more than 80% by 2030.

Verisure transition plan for climate change mitigation

Our actions will be based on different decarbonisation levers depending on each scope.
Scope 1 (GHG)
Our principal source of emissions is our combustion car fleet, principally used by our sales force and technicians.
Scope 2 (GHG)
Indirect GHG emissions are generated from purchased electricity, consumed in our buildings, and from our electric car fleet charged outside the company.
Scope 3 (GHG)
Indirect GHG emissions originate from business operations by sources that are not directly owned or controlled by an organisation, such as supply chain, transportation, employee commuting, product usage, or disposal.


Considering our growth profile and our options, we commit to emission intensity targets based on revenues by 2030 in our three scopes and to be Net Zero by 2050.

Total GHG Emissions

+41,748 tCO2eq
scope 1 emissions.
+815 tCO2eq
scope 2 emissions.
+128,395 tCO2eq
scope 3 emissions.

Energy Consumption and Renewable Energy

17,110 KWh
energy consumption within buildings.
of renewable energy used in our buildings.

Our Targets

reduction of our Scope 1, 2 and 3 revenue-based emission intensity (2030 vs. 2021).
Net Zero
target by 2050.
of renewable energies used in our buildings by 2030.

Product Lifecycle Management & Circularity

We choose long-term solutions across our supply chain throughout the lifecycle of our products and services.
We are pursuing a zero-landfill strategy by 2035 through the optimisation of our waste management and recycling opportunities.
Our main priority is to manage the lifecycle of our products and services to ensure longevity and sustainability through product design. We are committed to protecting the environment through the implementation of an effective waste management programme, extending across all major activities within our operations that have a significant impact on waste, such as recycling, packaging, and disposal of material.


We have started to rethink and transform the packaging requirements of our products, engaging our strategic product suppliers - alarm equipment and Research & Development spend - in the quest for alternative materials to make this process as plastic-free as possible.

Our single-use plastic reduction strategy is based on three steps:
1. Reduce packaging weight and size of plastic bags or remove them completely.
2. Increase recycled plastic options.
3. Improve the percentage of recyclable, compostable, and reusable packaging. By 2030, we aim to reduce disposable plastics in product packaging by 75%.
Packaging - Our Planet

Reverse Logistics

The key element of our approach to minimise waste revolves around recapturing the product value and extending the life cycle of the products that are returned due to maintenance activities or cancellations from Our Customers.
of the product value returned from client premises has been refurbished or reused.
Our Target
of waste recycled in distribution centres by 2025.

Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE)

As a technology-enabled company, we install electronic equipment at our customers’ premises, and we use IT equipment at our facilities to serve them. Additionally, most of our alarm devices are battery-powered or have a battery backup. We adequately manage the consumption of batteries and electronic equipment to enhance the sustainability of our business model.

As the WEEE Directive allows, in every country where we operate, we participate in various collective schemes by partnering with recycling companies that benefit from synergies and economies of scale to deploy a granular waste collection network. In exchange for taking full legal responsibility for regulatory compliance with recycling processes and needs, we provide our recycling partners with an advance fee for each battery or device introduced into the market. We also collaborate with our recycling partners in the collection of WEEE generated mainly through our maintenance activities.

Green workplaces

We are also committed to increasing our green footprint and circularity in our offices and workplaces.

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