Our Communities

We believe in being a positive actor in society and in our communities. We Make a Difference through Sustainable Sourcing and Community Impact.

Our Communities

Sustainable Sourcing

We promote sustainable sourcing through engagement with our suppliers, providers and partners, conducting ESG assessments and requesting compliance with our Supplier Standards and Ethical Code.
We aim to promote diversity in our supplier base through a supplier-diversity programme.
Our mission at Verisure is to execute our supply chain at the right cost, integrating sustainability into our end-to-end supply chain operations to support high performance and ensure efficiency.

In addition to incorporating Sustainability into our supplier qualification processes and day-to-day management, we aim to build a culture in our procurement practices that integrate sustainability into every aspect of supply chain management. We want to advise on how to best act sustainably, to understand our obligations and responsibilities and identify the areas in which we can all contribute towards a more sustainable future through the decisions we make.

Our Targets

of suppliers accepted the Suppliers Standards and Ethical Code by 2025.
of strategic and important suppliers rated in ESG by 2025.
of strategic product and logistics suppliers audited annually by 2025.

Community Impact

We are committed to being a positive actor in our communities, making a difference through job creation and social impact.

Verisure, a business model with social contribution

We understand our responsibility to society at large goes beyond the bounds of our business. We deeply believe we can, and do, contribute to society in how we execute our activities, in line with the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights and the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises.
new jobs across Europe and Latin America.
protected women victims of gender-based violence in Spain.
countries driving volunteering activities.

Projects to support our social footprint


  • In our COMETA Centre, we partner with the Spanish police and courts to provide protective services to victims of gender-based violence. In 2022, we protected over 2,800 women, a number that adds up to the 11,000 women over the past 13 years.
  • In collaboration with the “Quiero Trabajo” foundation, six of our colleagues mentored women and young girls, helping them to find jobs. In 2022, almost 90% of the participants were successful in their searches.

Italy, Peru, and Spain:

  • Our colleagues participated in several activities to help raise awareness for the prevention of breast cancer.

Italy: In 2022, our colleagues partnered with UNICEF to support children in need by collecting donations.

France: Our teams partnered with the “Un par vers la vie” foundation, helping families with autistic children living in Paris, by collecting donations.

Argentina, Portugal, and Peru: In all three countries, our colleagues volunteered their time to help children. In Portugal, colleagues visited the “Casa do Gaiato” foster home. And in Peru, colleagues made a financial contribution to support more than 1,000 children and their families at Christmas.

Spain: 103 colleagues collaborated with “A La Par” foundation to support young people with intellectual disabilities.

France: The team won the commitment prize for participating in the “Ensemble” race organised by Andiamo, an organisation that aims to change the way people look at disability by raising awareness through sport.

Peru: Verisure collected more than 50 kilograms of plastic caps in Peru to buy a wheelchair for a person in need.

Portugal and Italy: Our colleagues and their families participated in clean-up days.

Spain: Our colleagues and their families participated in the “Bosque” initiative and clean-up day by planting more than 500 trees.

Italy and Finland: Our colleagues made financial contributions to UNHCR and collected primary goods in collaboration with Caritas to help support people in Ukraine affected by the war. Plus, the team donated an alarm system to the “Salvamamme”, an entity committed to supporting women and children in difficult economic and social situations. In Finland, our employees also donated to efforts in Ukraine.

Argentina and Brazil: Our colleagues launched winter clothes campaigns to help vulnerable communities. In Argentina, 35 colleagues collected clothes for their #FrioCero campaign, and in Brazil, teams donated two boxes to the “Exército da Salvação” for distribution across São Paulo.

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