Our People

Our people are the foundation of our success. We value, nurture, and protect Our People at every stage: Encouraging Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging, promoting Employee Health, Safety & Well-being, ensuring Talent Management & Sustainable Engagement, and safeguarding Employee Relations.

Our People

Diversity, Equality, Inclusion & Belonging

We are committed to supporting DEIB for our employees, customers, and communities.
We promote diverse representation with a strong focus on “gender”, followed by “age” and “disability”, ensuring access to opportunities for everyone through meritocracy and inclusion.
We provide job opportunities for those in our society who have difficulty finding work. We draw on this very valuable source of talent for our continuous growth while improving our competitive advantage.
Diversity, Equality, Inclusion & Belonging (DEIB) is a key priority for our company and is reflected in our business and ESG strategies. We want to be representative of the societies in which we operate around the world, and we want to do this by creating an inclusive environment where everyone can bring their identity and uniqueness to work. We want to ensure access to opportunities and meritocracy for all, mitigating potential bias in all key processes and fostering a strong culture and leadership style that promotes inclusion and belonging.

Our Action Plan towards DEIB

DEIB Framework

Our DEIB Dimensions:

Gender Age Disability Socio-economic Background Education & work experience Race & Ethnicity Sexual orientation Religion Moments in lifecycle Personality & working style.

Verisure as Employer:

Better attraction, retention, engagement and performance across employee's life-cycle

Verisure as Business:

Better competitive advantage

Verisure as Social actor:

Enhanced social contribution and better perception

Gender diversity

Our primary focus over recent years has been to improve gender diversity overall, particularly in our sales organisation and across technology and leadership roles. In 2022 we set our gender diversity goals.

Women at Verisure

employees are women.
leaders are women.

Our Targets

women as a target by 2030.
women leaders as a target by 2030.

Age diversity

We want to offer career opportunities to those who are facing greater challenges in the labour market, especially in many of the countries in which we operate where unemployment rates are particularly high. We continue to focus on attracting young (<30 years) and more senior (>50 years) talent.
of our colleagues are under 30.
of our talent is over 50.

Persons with disabilities

In recent years, we have also worked on inclusion and providing further opportunities for people with disabilities. We have launched specific recruitment campaigns dedicated to this talent pool in multiple countries such as Spain, France, and Chile.

Other dimensions: nationality, religion, sexual orientation, and professional backgrounds

We define an employee journey that fosters inclusion as a key enabler for employee sense of belonging, where everyone can feel supported, despite other personal characteristics or identity (sexual orientation & gender identity, religion, race, moments in the lifecycle, professional background, socio-economic backgrounds, etc.). To achieve this, we assess and review all processes, policies, communications and models of leadership that relate to the employee experiences, periodically.
nationalities in our corporate Group Functions teams.
nationalities in our Technology team.

Employee Health, Safety & Well-being

We take the safety and health of our colleagues very seriously, by promoting their holistic well-being, as employees and as individuals.
Our duty of care ensures safe working environments, which are managed in accordance with local regulations. Well-being has become a valued key element in the full employee experience, especially following the Covid-19 pandemic. Our colleagues can benefit from various well-being programmes and other benefits to cover their health and wellness needs, all promoting a healthier lifestyle.

We know that supporting a flexible work environment is an important factor for our employees and operations. In 2021 we started piloting our New Ways of Working model, and in 2022 we successfully implemented a smart hybrid work model in most of our countries, providing more flexibility around hours and working locations including new and updated office spaces to Create, Collaborate, Connect and Celebrate.

Talent Management & Sustainable Engagement

We work hard to ensure high levels of sustainable engagement with our mission and values for our people, across functions, countries, and demographics.
We focus sharply on providing our colleagues with continuous learning and growth opportunities to build critical skills so they can unleash their full potential and perform at their best.

We are people protecting people

Just as simple. Just as important.
Talent & Organisation Strategy

We have built our Talent & Organisation strategy across three pillars, fully aligned with our mission:

  • Building the most engaged, high-performance, accountable, diverse and best-in-class team.
  • Creating a high-performance organisation and company culture through meritocracy and our strong DNA values.

Ensuring our colleagues believe in and live our DNA every day.

Our ‘STAR’ approach to performance management and career development is one of our key enablers for ensuring we have the best possible talent in every position. The approach is structured around four meaningful conversations that take place every year between managers and colleagues: Set priorities, Talk achievements, Accelerate your growth, and Reach your goals.


Growth and development is a key priority for us. We have robust professional programmes to help develop our people’s skills and capabilities. In the last year, over 80% of our colleagues completed at least one course, with more than 100,000 hours of online training completed in total.


Our primary measure of organisational health is our Sustainable Engagement survey, designed to help understand how engaged, energised, and enabled our people are - and we measure these results over time. The overall Sustainable Engagement Index was again above target (>80% favourable). This was our highest score ever, and up two points versus the year before. 


Our continued efforts to make our company the best company to work with have been recognised by various prestigious awards and certifications. In 2022, Spain and Argentina were certified as Best Workplaces. Chile and Italy were recognised by Great Place to Work for the first time. Spain and France were certified Top Employers. And Spain also achieved a ranking in Forbes annual ’75 Best Companies to Work for’ and a spot in the top ten from Actualidad Económica ‘Best Companies of 2022.’


Best workplace AwardGreat Place To Work AwardTop Employers
Actualidad Economica SPAIN

Employee Relations

We are committed to respecting fundamental human rights through the United Nations Global Compact principles and agenda, including fair employment conditions, internally and across our supply chain.

In 2022, no serious human rights claims or complaints were filed by our colleagues or third parties. We did not receive any fines, or penalties, or have to pay compensation for damages as a result of violations of social and human rights.


We support the employment rights of our colleagues to associate freely and bargain collectively. Over 80% of our employees are covered by external Collective Bargaining Agreements (CBAs) at the national or sector level. We give our colleagues the choice to associate according to their needs and preferences.



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