Ethics & Integrity

Doing the Right Thing and acting with Trust and Responsibility is not only a moral imperative but a key element of our culture and part of our DNA. Our Group compliance framework and our Corporate Governance guarantee this commitment.

Ethics and Integrity

Doing The Right Thing

is a key element in our culture and acting with trust and responsibility is embedded in our DNA. We lead by example and enable our people to deliver on our commitment to act ethically at all times.

We compete fairly

and we are committed to responsible and ethical business practices.

We work as a trusted partner

with public bodies to ensure high standards of regulatory compliance. We follow strict corporate governance principles.

Our Group compliance framework

Our Group compliance framework comprises our Group Code of Conduct which, approved by our Board, sets the standards for everything we do. This is complemented several Group compliance policies and standards, including a Group Anti-Harassment and Non-Discrimination Policy, Group Speak-Up Framework and Policy, Group Anti-Bribery Policy, Group Data Privacy Policy, Group Fair Competition Policy, Group Anti-Facilitation of Tax Evasion Policy, and our Supplier Standards and Ethical Code.

Group Code of Conduct

The Group Code of Conduct must be followed by all colleagues every day. It guides our daily decision-making, how we compete, and our interactions with each other, as well as with our customers, suppliers, government officials and other stakeholders.

Group Anti-Harassment and Non-Discrimination Policy

We have zero tolerance for discrimination or harassment based on any characteristic across all our operations. At Verisure we define discrimination as any unjust or prejudicial treatment of people on the grounds of characteristics like gender, race or ethnicity, age, national origin, religion or belief, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, marital status or disability and harassment as behaviour directed at an individual or a group which creates an offensive, intimidating, humiliating, or hostile work environment.

Group Anti-Bribery Policy

Corruption and bribery are also addressed within our Group Code of Conduct and Group Anti-Bribery Policy, both available on our intranet sites for colleagues to read as well as on our website for investor access. As stated in other Policies and Standards, colleagues must also comply with these policy documents. It is our colleagues’ responsibility to speak up in case of any questions, doubts or concerns. Country management teams are responsible for identifying, managing, and mitigating bribery risks relevant to their businesses.

Supplier Standards and Ethical Code

In 2021, we created the Supplier Standards and Ethical Code, which also aligns with the Ten Principles of the UN Global Compact. This document is incorporated in our procurement sourcing tool throughout 2022, its acceptance became a requirement in the qualification phase. We also started monitoring the compliance of our strategic and most relevant suppliers, based on the documentation provided.

Speak-Up Framework and Policy

To avoid and eradicate any conduct that may put someone’s integrity at risk, it is everyone’s responsibility to speak up if they suspect or witness a violation of our Code of Conduct, policies, standards, or applicable laws. To help colleagues and other stakeholders report events, our Group Speak-Up Framework and Policy explains the types of misconduct that should be reported and how to raise concerns.

Group Data Privacy Policy

Everyone at Verisure handles personal data. It is therefore critical that we all are aware of the principles and rules to follow for such data and comply with them in all we do. This Policy sets the principles and rules we must all follow to protect personal data in our operations and continue earning the trust of our customers, colleagues and business partners.

Group Fair Competition Policy

Fair competition cuts across all areas of our business – when we purchase, when we sell, when we negotiate, and when we have contact with competitors. Violation of competition laws never pays off. This Policy sets the principles and rules to prevent breaches of competition law.

Group Anti-Facilitation of Tax Evasion Policy

Tax Evasion, and the deliberate and dishonest facilitation of Tax Evasion by another person, are criminal offences. The purpose of this Policy is to prevent the facilitation of Tax Evasion by Third Parties we deal with .

Corporate Governance

Reflecting our commitment to always acting ‘With Trust and Responsibility’, we have increased our focus on integrity and governance.
The main Group Board of Directors is responsible for assessing the Group’s organisation, administration, and financial situation. The Board also works to ensure the structure of the organisation so that the accounting records, financial management, and other financial aspects are subject to satisfactory oversight.

The Board has established and appointed members in several committees:
Audit Committee
Valuation Committee
Remuneration Committee
ESG Committee

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