Verisure scoops another prestigious Red Dot Design award, this time beyond the hardware category

Verisure, the leading European provider of professionally monitored security systems, has landed another prestigious Red Dot 2023 Design Award, but the first for a digital product. The In-App Automation Feature scooped the top spot for excellence in product design and quality.

The Red Dot Design Award is an international design competition which is broken down into three categories: Product Design, Brands & Communication Design and Design Concept. While it’s not Verisure's first Red Dot Award for 2023, this recognition holds special significance as it represents the company's first recognition in the Brand & Communication Design category, solidifying its commitment to providing cutting-edge software and hardware solutions that redefine security standards. This award serves as a testament to Verisure's unwavering dedication to innovation, further strengthening its position as an industry leader.

Austin Lally, Group Chief Executive Officer, says Verisure would like their customers to interact with their system usefully, frequently, and delightfully. ‘Design is core to what we do at every customer touch point. We provide systems that protect families and small businesses for many years. Our devices live alongside our customers. So, everything we do in designing user experience is also a major priority.‘

The Red Dot Brands & Communication Design Award attracts some of the world’s biggest brands across 60 countries, all competing for recognition on their software solution features. Dean Butcher, Global Design Director, added: ‘This is our first-ever design award for our digital products, and we see this as just the beginning.’

This is the seventh design award Verisure has received in the last three years and reflects the continued dedication to evolving its digital products. It also comes on the back of the RED DOT Product Design Award for its innovative GuardVision™ Photo Detector earlier this year.

About Verisure

Verisure is the leading European provider of professionally monitored security systems with 24/7 response services. We protect more than 5 million families and small businesses across 17 countries in Europe and Latin America. Our mission is to provide our customers peace of mind by protecting what matters most to them.

With over 35 years of insight, experience, and innovation, Verisure is known for category-creating marketing, sales excellence, innovative products and services, and customer-centricity.

Thanks to a strong focus on high quality, our customers are amongst the most satisfied and loyal in our industry. We have some of the strongest growth and retention rates globally in consumer-facing services, which demonstrates our exceptional service levels and strong value proposition to our customers.

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