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Which is why more than 4.7 million customers put their trust in us.

Everyone's security needs are different

We provide bespoke packages to protect what matters most.

Our products

Home Security

Wireless Alarm control panel. Cameras. Motion sensors. Break and enter sensors. Alarms. Anti-jamming technology. Fog barriers.

Home security

We make things tough for intruders

Our wireless control panel is equipped with two-way communication so our around-the-clock monitoring service knows what’s happening in an emergency. Plus with clever innovations like anti-jamming technology and Zero Vision® protective fog barriers, we’re always one step ahead.

Fire & Water Safety

Fire & Water Safety

Smoke detectors. Water detectors. Climate detectors. Keeping you safe and protecting what matters most is our top priority. We make this possible by detecting smoke, leaks and temperature changes. Then we notify you, ensuring any problems are handled with an immediate human response. (Only available in certain markets).

Personal Security

Personal Security

SOS Alarm. Seniors Protection. You need to know that your loved ones are safe and well: our SOS alarm and Seniors Protection service delivers that peace of mind. Our trained specialists are on stand-by, day and night, ready to respond to a fall or emergency. Help is always just one touch away. (Only available in certain markets).

Smart Home

Smart Home

Smart cameras. Smart plugs. Verisure App. Imagine a home where you can turn off appliances and control the lights from your smartphone and know when doors and windows have been opened. Our Smart Home technology turns this vision into reality creating safe, connected homes. (Only available in certain markets).

Our Service also includes

Employee giving a personalised on-site security consulation

A personalised on-site security consultation

Our expert comes to you to understand your unique needs before recommending a package that suits your home or small business.

Employee doing installations

Expert installation & lifetime maintenance

Our systems are installed by security experts. We offer lifetime system maintenance to all our clients.

Employee giving customers support 24/7

24/7 monitoring with immediate human response

Our consultants monitor your service around-the-clock. Whatever the emergency — intrusion, burglary, fire, flood or personal injury — we immediately verify it and dispatch the help you need.

Peace of mind in the palm of your hand - always.

The Verisure app makes it simple to check your home or business and manage your system from anywhere, at any time.

Verisure App