Protecting what matters most

Every day, Verisure does something amazing. By protecting what matters most, we change lives for the better.

We protect people beyond expectations, transforming our customers’ lives–and our industry.

We do this by building on over 35 years of insights, experience and innovation.

The result is peace of mind. It’s a role we are proud to play and will continue to fulfill for generations to come.

Protecting what matters


Leader security systems

Who are we?

Verisure is the leading European provider of professionally monitored security systems with 24/7 response services. We protect close to 5.3 million families and small businesses across 17 countries in Europe and Latin America. And our mission is to provide our customers peace of mind by protecting what matters most to them.

With over 35 years of insight, experience, and innovation, Verisure is known for category-creating marketing, sales excellence, innovative products and services, and customer-centricity. Thanks to a strong focus on high quality, our customers are amongst the most satisfied and loyal in our industry. We have some of the strongest growth and retention rates globally in consumer-facing services which demonstrates our exceptional service levels and strong value proposition to our customers.

Verisure brands


Group Management

Austin Lally

Austin Lally

Group Chief Executive Officer

Luis Gil

Luis Gil

President of Expansion

Antonio Anguita

Antonio Anguita

President of Iberia, Italy & Latin America

Olivier Allender

Olivier Allender

President France, Belgium, Arlo, UK & Ireland

Colin Smith

Colin Smith

Chief Financial Officer

Marta Panzano

Marta Panzano

Chief HR, Communications & ESG Officer

Olivier Horps

Olivier Horps

Group Chief Marketing Officer

Nina Cronstedt

Nina Cronstedt

Group Chief Legal Officer

Cristina Rivas

Cristina Rivas Saiz

Group Chief Technology Officer

Proud to serve

We have become Europe's leading provider of monitored security solutions because we take our customers' trust and security very seriously. In fact, we believe everyone has the right to feel safe and secure. Which is why we pursue this goal every day.


We provide immediate human response, powered by reliable and innovative technology.

Protecting what matters most to our customers is at the heart of everything we do. Our technology enables protection, but it is the care and professionalism of our highly talented teams customers peace of mind.


Leading innovation in our industry.

Our products and services protect millions of families and businesses every day. Each is built around innovations which respond to new technological capabilities, customer needs and market insights. We stay one step ahead, finding solutions and improvements in everything we do, to prevent or solve problems for each Verisure customer.

17 countries and growing

We are the leading provider of professionally monitored security solutions in Europe and growing in Latin America. We continue to expand our presence, bringing the Verisure promise to a global audience. Our 28,000+ strong team are committed to delivering a world class service and making the world a safer place.

17 countries
  1. 1988

    Securitas Direct

    Founded in Sweden

  2. 1988

    Affordable packaged home alarm system


  3. 1993

    Introduction of human response

    Human emergencies require human responses

  4. 1996

    Extend Offering Small Businesses

  5. 2000

    Wireless technology

    1º anti-sabotage alarm, fully wireless

  6. 2005

    Video and Image Verification

    1º immediate verification & quick response

  7. 2007

    Voice & response GMS communication

    Increased network reliability & security

  8. 2008

    1 million customers

  9. 2009

    Verisure new brand

  10. 2010

    Home control services via mobile app

    Increased convenienve & control

  11. 2012

    1.5 million customers

  12. 2015

    2 million customers

    Anti-jamming technology

    Better detection and full protection sabotage

  13. 2017

    New HQ in Geneva

    2.5 customers

    Inmediate & active human response

    ZeroVision alarm, the only alarm capanle of stopping a burglary.

    Senior protection

  14. 2019

    2.5 million customers


    Verisure 4G

    Control Panel

  15. 2020

    3.5 million customers

    Arlo Europe

    Part of Verisure

  16. 2021

    4 million customers

  17. 2022

    4.7 million customers

    PreSense TM

    In Spain

  18. 2022

    5.1 million customers


Our compliance programme

We are proud to protect. By protecting what matters most every day, we change lives for the better.

We already have the trust of close to 5.3 million customers in 17 countries worldwide, reflecting the With Trust and Responsibility value set out in our DNA. Our Compliance Programme sets out the standards we follow and want to exceed, to meet the evolving expectations on us. It provides guidance on our interactions with our colleagues, our customers, our suppliers, our competitors and all our other stakeholders.

Our Group Speak Up Policy allows all our stakeholders, including our employees, former employees, candidates, suppliers, and customers to contribute to our mission to protect what matters most, by raising any suspicions of serious violations of our Group Code of Conduct, policies, standards, or applicable laws.

Go to https://verisurespeakup.com

Download our Group Speak Up Policy here.

Our compliance programme