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Verisure Securitas Direct is a growing company with a strong entrepreneurial and pioneering spirit. Our core business is in the security market, where our customers depend on our alarm services 24/7. Verisure Securitas Direct customers are among the most satisfied in the industry thanks to the skill of our employees and their dedication to quality across the board.

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We might be a large company with market-leading positions, but we move as a small business, constantly adapting and raising our game to stay ahead. This creates an environment where it is natural for employees to grow and develop, both inside and outside work. It also makes what we do much more enjoyable, which shows in our employee surveys. In fact, 83% of our employees are proud to be part of Verisure Securitas Direct. Do you want to join our team?

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Many career possibilities

There are many career opportunities at Verisure worldwide

Sales and service in focus

Verisure Securitas Direct is in essence a sales and service organisation. But to guarantee service quality and a positive customer experience every time, we like to control the value chain. For this reason we do most of the work ourselves – starting with in-house development and product and service design right through to installation, alarm monitoring and technical service. So if you're a software developer, salesperson, service technician, alarm operator, or interested in joining us as a franchisee, we may have the job you're looking for.


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Individual effort and

initiative is rewarded

I have a background in both technical and social sciences. My basic work tasks include technical support, super user administration and quality control. Beyond that I'm involved in Verisure specific consultancy, employee training, reporting and analysis. My position is very rewarding with respect to the combination of “nitty-gritty” operations and mentally stimulating tasks – all in a dynamic high-performance environment.

In my work I try to think of more efficient ways to prevent human errors from occurring in the field, how to optimize installation procedures, and how to internalize new service/product/system functionality in a value-added perspective, for instance.

I would recommend Verisure to anyone who appreciate rapidly changing, innovative and technically demanding work in a place where individual effort and initiative is rewarded.

Kjetil Ottersen,

Senior Operator, Norway

I get to develop

my work skills

I’ve worked for the company for nearly 10 years now. It’s an incredible company that doesn’t stand still or just follows the pack – we lead it! I’ve worked at an alarm monitoring centre and on lead generation to mention a few positions, and I’m now in telesales. It’s great to have the opportunity to take on different tasks, and that’s really helped me to get to know and understand the company and how we work.

The best thing about my job is that I get to develop my skills, to work with a concept that’s the best on the market and to help people with a solution that fits their specific needs. If you’re thinking about joining Verisure – just apply! It’s an amazing company that treats its people really well and has a spirit and a drive that feels unique.

Anna Norman-Rondahl

Telesales, Sweden

I combine my job

with my hobby

When I finished my studies in 2012 I was looking for a company that offered international challenges and could offer me an excellent career path. Verisure matched my requirements because it’s a fast-growing business and, as I discovered during the application process, strongly people-oriented. Verisure really invests in developing its staff.

My job is to assist the chief accountant in the Netherlands and Belgium, which means entering invoices in our accounting software, paying suppliers and filling in tax declarations. I’m also fleet coordinator for 80 company cars in both countries. That entails being the intermediary between leasing companies and our drivers and negotiating with car dealers to make sure we get great quality at the best price. It’s an exciting position and one that allows me to combine my hobby for cars with my everyday job.

I have great colleagues who are always ready to support me in what I do. It’s really rewarding to help them to solve problems related to accidents and maintenance, and being fleet coordinator is a good way to improve my negotiation skills.

Elmir Hadziahmetovic

Finance Assistant and Fleet Coordinator, Belgium and the Netherlands

It’s important to

stay up-to-date

My job is to answer phone calls and answer e-mails from customers and to help them with their inquiries. I’ve worked in customer service in the past and really enjoy it.

When talking to customers I try to find different ways to communicate with them and help them better understand our products and services.

As an operator, it’s important to be up-to-date on our products and guidelines.

To anyone who’s thinking of joining Verisure, I would say they are making a good decision! This is an excellent place to work: the people are great and the work is really interesting.

  1. Ida Øverlie

Customer Service Operator, Norway

Welcome to our headquarters

The Verisure head office is located in Malmö, Sweden

Central functions based in Sweden

Verisure Securitas Direct is headquartered in Malmö, southern Sweden. Group management, finance, human resources and brand & communications are all located there along with the Verisure Innovation Centre, which develops and maintains many of our products, services and support systems. We also have a second R&D centre in Madrid, Spain.

Job openings

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We operate in 13 countries in Europe and Latin America and are constantly expanding our footprint. As the business grows, so do the skills and expertise of our people – creating excellent opportunities to take on greater responsibility and move on to new tasks, at home or abroad.

Verisure Innovation Centre

Verisure Securitas Direct Innovation Centre is our R&D workshop where we create and develop services and products for home security and home automation, serving our customers throughout Northern Europe. The Innovation Centre is located in Malmö, Sweden.

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Securitas Direct Verisure Group is a leading European provider of professionally monitored fire and intrusion alarms that include response services. The customer offering covers the whole value chain – from product development, design and sale to installation, service and a 24/7 professional monitoring solution. Thanks to a strong focus on high quality, the company’s 2 million customers are among the most satisfied in the industry. The company is present in 14 countries across Europe and Latin America and has more than 9,000 employees and partners. The group has grown to be the second largest home alarm provider in the world.