Welcome to the connected and protected home

Welcome to the connected smart home
Welcome to the connected smart home

Smart services for the home and family

Control the home alarm and check on your home with the Verisure App

Imagine a home alarm that can switch off your coffee machine or tell you when your children come home from school, even when you are not at home yourself. Verisure Securitas Direct gives you so much more than a standard home alarm. You get a connected smart home.

Switch your home alarm on and off using your mobile. Control your lock, lights and other electronic devices remotely. Get messages on your mobile when your children come home. Read off the indoor temperature or air humidity and be warned when the fire alarm goes off.

By using modern wireless technology, combined with the Verisure App and My Pages, which functions as an online control panel, Verisure Securitas Direct keeps you in contact with your home and your family, wherever you are.

Welcome to the connected and protected home


We make your life a little simpler and more pleasant


Your home is in safe hands while you are away or when you switch on your alarm before you go to bed at night. You get a professionally monitored intrusion alarm...

...with image verification of the cause of the alarm, point protection and free security officer callouts. Our Intrusion Pro service includes deterrent alarm stickers that are placed on doors and windows. Our operators continuously check your alarm system and react fast if anything happens. If the alarm goes off, the camera detectors immediately take a series of photos, which are sent to the alarm centre. The operator can immediately decide what triggered the alarm and take the correct action.


A few degrees here or there makes a big different to the energy
consumption in your home. If you lower the indoor temperature by one degree, you can save five...

...per cent of your heating costs. Several of our alarm products contain a thermometer, for example the smoke detector and siren. Keep a closer check on your costs by reading off the indoor temperature at home or in your summer cottage via the Verisure App on your mobile.

With SmartPlug you can control the lights and electrical appliances up to 2.300 W in your home via the Verisure App. Why not connect your TV, stereo or other appliances that are in standby mode to a SmartPlug? By completely switching them off, a normal household can save up to 500 kWh a year.


It is important to have a healthy house. Then you and your family will also be healthy. Excessive relative air humidity can cause damp problems and mildew, while low...

...air humidity can lead to dry eyes and dry skin, or allergies. With a Verisure climate sensor you can check the humidity in the suspended foundation or loft. Our smoke detector also measures air humidity and temperature in your home. You read off the levels with the Verisure App. Where damp is concerned, we work with Anticimex, who are experts in healthy indoor environments.


We believe that a reliable fire alarm system is one of the cornerstones of safety at home. In a fire, every second counts. Therefore, we recommend that you...

...have a smoke detector in every room. With Verisure, you have an advance fire alarm system with interconnected smoke detectors that are connected to our alarm centre and notify you with both signal and voice message, and via your mobile if there is any smoke in your home. The smoke detectors are linked to our camera detectors, which take photos and send them to our alarm centre if smoke is detected. With image verification of the cause of an alarm, the operator can rapidly take the correct action, even if no one is at home. 


Let in a tradesman although you are not at home. Create new access codes for the person looking after your home when you are on holiday. See when your children...

...come home and unlock the door while you are at work. With a SmartLock module for your digital lock from Yale Doorman you can keep a closer check on your home.You control and keep an eye on the lock with your mobile via the Verisure App. The lock is automatically connected to your Verisure home alarm to provide more connected smart services.


Fortunately, emergency situations in the home are uncommon. However, accidents can still happen. With a contact alarm in your home, you can quickly call for help...

...in an emergency. The alarm functions as extra security for your whole family and can easily be used by everyone to summon help. The contact alarm is located in the control panel. In an emergency, the alarm goes directly to one of our operators. If you have chosen a service that you manage yourself, you can forward the SOS alarm to your mobile. This can provide additional security if, for example, your children are at home on their own.

We're there for you all the way

Our alarm specialists take care of service and installation

Service and installation

Our alarm specialists will take care of the installation of your system. This is a service we give all our customers. It also gives both you and us a guarantee that the entire alarm chain works properly.

Free service is also included in our premium packages. Just contact our customer service department and we will book in a service engineer to visit your home.

Verisure's own alar centres are staffed with specialised personnel 24/7

Dedicated alarm centre

Verisure Securitas Direct's alarm centre is staffed by specially trained alarm operators 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. They specialise in interpreting and verifying the cause of an alarm and can quickly decide what action is required.

The alarm centre is only available to Verisure/Securitas Direct customers. Unlike other alarm centres, our operators work only with the technology and services we offer. This means that we can offer the best service on the market.

Free security officer call-outs

Free security officer call-outs

If your alarm is triggered, security officers always visit your home and make an inspection. It costs nothing more, regardless of the cause of the alarm.

Security officer callouts are included in your subscription. In most cases we work with Securitas, which has many years of experience and offers professional security officer services.

Verisure IQ lets you control and check on your home via My Pages and Verisure App

Verisure IQ

Verisure IQ is a cloud based service that lets you control the system via My Pages and Verisure App. It is included in your system for free; the only prerequisite is that it is connected via broadband.

If not, you can purchase SMS that are needed to control the system remotely, on My Pages. Verisure IQ interconnects products and professional services with your house, home and family. It lets you for example control your digital lock and SmartPlug remotely, arm and disarm the alarm, and connect more products and services to the system, whenever you like. In other words – it’s what makes your home smart.

Set and control several of the Verisure system functions on My Pages

My Pages

To get the most out of your system, you need to activate My Pages, your personal control panel online.

This is where you set and control a number of your system's functions. Update your details so that we can always reach you, add new contacts or add Star Keys and other products to your system. You can also adapt your alarm to your pets and add vacation mode settings so that your system is optimised when you are away.

Use Verisure App to control your home alarm and check on your home

Verisure App

With the Verisure App it is easy to control and check on your home via your mobile, wherever you are.

We are always adding new smart services to make your life a little easier and more pleasant. The Verisure App can be downloaded for iPhone, Android and Windows Phone.

Unique design and technology

Verisure Securitas Direct is a supplier of home alarms and connected services for the smart home. With us you get a future-proofed system that can be extende and contains multifunctional products. As soon as you connect a new product, you just download new software. Connection via both broadband and GSM, encrypted communication and the fact that we are responsible for our own design and development all mean that the system is extremely secure and reliable.



VBox is the heart and brain of your system.

It functions as the hub of all communication within the system and with the alarm centre and is connected via the mobile (GSM) network and via broadband.

Verisure smoke detector

Smoke detector

Verisure smoke detectors talk to you and to each other.

The detectors are interconnected and provide simultaneous warnings with voice messages and signals so that everyone in your home soon knows where smoke has been detected. You also get a message on your mobile. With the Fire Pro service, the system alarms the alarm centre. The smoke detector also measures room temperature and relative air humidity.

Verisure camera detector

Camera detector

With a camera in your alarm system, the operator can immediately check what caused an alarm and rapidly take the correct action.

With images of the cause of the alarm, we can call the police and rescue services in the event of an intrusion or fire. Or we can cancel any action in the event of a false alarm. You can adjust the sensitivity of the detector to take your pets into account. This allows your pets to move freely in your home even when the alarm is activated.

Verisure siren


The siren is a freestanding unit that produces a 105 decibel alarm.

With an integrated thermometer, the siren functions in principle as an
additional fire alarm as it issues an alarm when the temperature exceeds
65°C. You can also read off the indoor temperature using the Verisure App.

Verisure keypad


On the keypad, you arm and disarm the alarm with your personal code or your StarKey.

The keypad works as a security alarm. If you press the two SOS keys, an alarm is sent directly to an operator at our alarm centre. The keypad can also be used as a door bell. You can set the control panel to produce a signal and tell you if someone comes in through the entrance.

Verisure magnet


With magnets you can create point protection on doors, windows and other strategic entry points. When a door or window with a magnet is opened, the alarm goes off.

You can set traps for intruders by alarming the door down to the
basement, or other doors that you can close at night or when you're away on holiday. But it does not only protect against intruders while you re away. You can have all or parts of the protection activated at nighttime.



With StarKeys, it is easy for the entire family to switch the alarm off and on.

Hold the StarKey against the control panel and the alarm is on or off with one keystroke. Each StarKey has a unique identity. This allows you to check who enters and leaves your home and you can easily block a lost key or register a new one. 



With SmartPlug in your system, you can use the Verisure App to control
the lights and electrical appliances up to 2300W in your home remotely,
wherever you are.

If SmartPlug is connected to your alarm system, you can switch on and
off by deactivating and activating the alarm or switch on the lights when the alarm goes off. This is an easy way to add both security and convenience to your home.

Verisure climate sensor

Climate sensor

With a Verisure climate sensor you can check the humidity in the cellar,
loft or other places in your home that are hard to reach.

You read off the levels with the Verisure App and get notifications as
soon as they exceed the thresholds. You can then deal with any damp
problems before they cause damage.

SmartLock module

SmartLock module

With a SmartLock module for a digital lock from Yale Doorman you can control your lock with the Verisure App.

Let in a tradesman even though you aren't at home. Create access codes for family members and others that need access to your home. See who unlocks your door at home while you are at work. And with the lock connected to your Verisure alarm system, you can disarm the alarm simply by unlocking the door.

SmartLock module

Water Detector

With a Verisure Water detector you can avoid damage from a major water leakage.

If a detected quickly, it can cause major damage to your home . An extensive and lengthy renovation is inevitable and you and your family might be forced to move out over several months. There are certain risk areas where leaks often occur: dishwasher, fridge, sink, water heater and in the basement. Your Verisure app will alert you if water is detected.

SmartLock module


With a Verisure Smartcam you can see if your children bring friends with them home or if the dog is on the sofa.

The Smartcam allows you to look into the home with the help of your Verisure app. The secure encrypted connection makes sure you are the only one who sees the photos. Photos are safely stored in the cloud.

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Securitas Direct Verisure Group is a leading European provider of professionally monitored fire and intrusion alarms that include response services. The customer offering covers the whole value chain – from product development, design and sale to installation, service and a 24/7 professional monitoring solution. Thanks to a strong focus on high quality, the company’s 2 million customers are among the most satisfied in the industry. The company is present in 14 countries across Europe and Latin America and has more than 9,000 employees and partners. The group has grown to be the second largest home alarm provider in the world.