5 apps that will make your vacation easier

Vacation is supposed to be stress free and relaxing. But we all know that sometimes that is not the case. Trouble finding the hotel or your rented Airbnb apartment in a new city, understanding the language or simply finding the right activity to make your vacation special.

We all know that some part of the vacation can be a little stressful. Keeping track of travel documents, money, maps and finding the right restaurants can be challenging. But there are some great app’s that can make your vacation almost stress free.

Securitas Direct Verisure have selected 5 apps that will make your vacation both easier and safe, including an app that lets you keep track of your home, while you are on vacation:


Use this app to download maps before departure to avoid expensive international roaming charges. Keep your phone in 'airplane mode' and you will still be able to find your way to your favourite bar, beach or restaurant.



Get a quick overview of the area you are in, and locate the nearest restaurants, hotels, theatre, parking lots or hospitals.


Verisure App

We make it easy to control and check on your home via your mobile, wherever you are. Check your alarm status. You can turn your alarm system on and off using your smartphone. Control the lights and electrical appliances remotely. Let in a tradesman although you are not at home. All this and a range of other smart home services.

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XE Currency

The popular currency app XE Currency is the most downloaded app of its kind, and with good reason. The app uses live currency exchange rates and are therefore very precise.


Google Translate

Google Translate is a valuable travel app when you are facing difficulties placing orders in the restaurant or understanding important information. The app functionalities can be downloaded in advance and used offline, to avoid high roaming charges.