Always innovating


Verisure Voice

Fastest response to help you and your family

Verisure Voice, through a direct audio link, provides immediate response and care by our experts in the event of an emergency. Even if you're not home, this audio link can be used to scare off any intruders who are trying to or who have already entered your house.

In-house innovation

Innovation. It’s embedded in our culture.

Verisure indoor and outdoor cameras

Capture intruders clearly

This infrared sensor has a built-in camera with flash for taking pictures when intruders - not pets - are in your house. This greatly helps our monitoring staff with verification.

Smart plug
Vbox Pro

Verisure Anti-Jamming

Superior protection against intruders

Verisure Anti-Jamming ensures your alarm system is protected against the advanced jamming technologies burglars now use.

Designed to optimise your protection

​We innovate to stay one step ahead.

Verisure App

Peace of mind - in the palm of your hand

With the Verisure app you can make sure, at all times, that everything is in order in your home or your business.

Innovation everywhere

We make a difference in our customers' lives - every day

We are constantly looking at new ways to protect and care for our customers. Our in-house innovation teams, in close partnership with sales and operations, take responsibility to provide superior solutions while shaping the future of the industry.

Diverse locations & people means diverse ideas

Our expertise can be experienced in 14 countries across Europe and Latin America. We take insights and ideas from different geographical locations and people to continually add relevance to our solutions.