ASSA ABLOY joins forces with Verisure

Connecting the Yale Doorman digital lock via Verisure App strengthens both offerings.

"Customers want a simple solution"

Long-lasting partnership between Securitas and Verisure Securitas Direct.

Verisure sets up partnerships in complementary businesses, such as energy, telco and insurance

Together we enrich the customer experience

Partnerships to broaden the offer

We are constantly looking to broaden our offer for the connected smart home. Right now we are setting up partnerships with providers of home-based professional services in sectors such as energy, care, telco, insurance and residential construction. We offer partners a mature, proven ecosystem containing app-centric concepts – combined with a pan-European footprint and a simple win-win business model.

Get onboard on our platform

Verisure IQ is a cloud based platform that makes up the foundation of the Verisure system. It lets users monitor and manage key aspects of their lives and homes through the services that have been made available on the system. Our customers use it several times a day via Verisure App.

Verisure IQ serves as an intermediate between the customer and the product, internal and external sources of data, as well as other external systems that are essential for the services to operate. As our partner we offer you room on the Verisure platform by connecting your services to Verisure IQ.

Customers get access to the services through My Pages and Verisure App. The services can be integrated with other central features on the platform, such as arming and disarming the alarm for situation-ruled functionality.

Moving forward, we see growing scope to collaborate more closely with our partners and to harness the expertise of our in-house R&D department for an enhanced customer experience. 

Together with partners we create the connected smart home


Win-win philosophy

We offer our partners room on the Verisure platform

Simple business models

Simple business models based on our win-win-philosophy allow us to form long-term partnerships. At Verisure Securitas Direct we focus on our core business and our partners concentrate on their business and what they do best. On both sides we are always mindful of the importance of nurturing our customer relationships.

Enriched customer experience

The aim is to acknowledge each partner’s interests and create value for all involved: customers, partners and ourselves. Synergies include an enriched customer experience thanks to a seamless and intuitive interface replacing multiple several applications. Here are some examples of how we deploy a partnership philosophy that makes everyone a winner.

New construction

By using the Verisure platform to integrate our solutions in fire, intrusion, energy and other basic home automation services in new homes, we not only create customer value but also increase the attraction and value of the new house or apartment.


The energy sector offers several attractive partnership possibilities – both in integration of smart home features and in marketing concepts to create competitive edge.

Digital locks

Connecting and integrating a digital lock with the Verisure platform creates a seamless interface between the alarm and lock. Our partnership with ASSA ABLOY and its Yale Doorman lock is a prime example.


Our ability to detect smoke, water and/or moisture – and thereby prevent or control damage – is a perfect fit for an alliance in the insurance sector and strengthens the competitive edge of the services our insurance partners provide to customers.


Combining the Verisure Securitas Direct platform with mobile internet services from a telco provider enables users to control functions remotely. Integrating these possibilities with our professional monitoring and intervention services greatly improves the customer experience.


Partnerships that combine care services with the Verisure concept substantially improve the quality of life of those being cared for as well as their relatives and friends.

Hear it from our partners  

Customers want a

simple solution

Securitas in Sweden has the world’s strongest callout organisation, with coverage from around 400 locations in Sweden, 1.100 vehicles and 180 offices. Both Verisure and Securitas take pride in delivering a high level of quality and in being close to our customers. Cooperation between established players makes it possible to reap considerable benefits from the development of different segments.

Today, consumers who buy services place greater value on disposable time than was the case ten years ago. They want a simple solution regardless of whether this relates to their personal security or life in general. There are no shortcuts here. It’s a case of seeking out leading suppliers with a stable foundation for their operations.

Joachim Källsholm

Managing Director,

Securitas Sweden AB

Boost in sales

straight after launch

We not only share the same view of quality and security, but also of what make a good partnership. We found it easy to create a business model in which the interests of both parties are acknowledged.

The partnership with Verisure has enabled our Yale Doorman lock to be connected. It is now possible to control our lock from anywhere in the world with an app when connected to Verisure. This is very attractive in the market, something we saw in our sales figures straight after the product launch as a result of our cooperation.

Mogens Jensen

Market Region Manager,

Scandinavia ASSA ABLOY

We are a perfect match

We have long sought a more interactive and digital dialogue with our customers. However, we are not a technology company – our strength is in the face-to-face meeting with our customers. In this field I’d say we are unbeatable. When we started the dialogue with Verisure we soon realized we were a perfect match.

We know how to protect houses against moisture and mold. Verisure has the technology that makes it possible to continuously and automatically analyse changes and communicate these to both our customers and us. The customer gets a totally new level of comfort – now we are not checking up every fourth year both four times a day.

Mats Samuelsson

Managing Director,

Anticimex Insurances

We've also teamed up with...



We have been partnering with Panasonic for several years in product development and are currently extending our collaboration as part of a joint energy management programme.

El Corte Inglés

El Corte Inglés

Our long-term alliance with El Corte Inglés has been paying dividends for 10 years now. El Corte Inglés distributes Verisure promotional leaflets with customer bills and markets our products through Telecor, the company’s telecom store.



Our partnership with insurance company Mapfre has been highly successful in Spain, generating rich growth opportunities for both parties. The concept is capable of being exported to Latin America and can lead to selling of joint products, alarms and insurance.

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